goStudent Advertising Services


The banner advertising available on the goStudent site reaches students from all types of backgrounds, areas, and directions of study. Banner advertising is available in three positions on the website, and may be configured in such a way as to have adverts specific to certain fields only appear on specified pages. The number of impressions made by your advert and the click through rate are monitored by our servers, and a monthly report is generated and given to you to show just how effective your advertising has been.

Please contact us to discuss the pages you wish to advertise on, whether you require that you be the sole advertiser, and if you require assistance in designing your static, flash, or interactive banner!

Direct Mail Feeds

Direct mail shot have been shown to be more and more effective, if structured, labelled and visually constructed appropriately than most forms of direct marketing. We offer services that cover the html coding of such emails, as well as recommendations on the various aspects of the mail that will make it a success. Your direct mail shot can be directed at students in certain areas and of differing interests to maximise return on your marketing investment.

Jobs Postings

We currently offer a great number of job postings, and hope to engage employment agencies to post as many jobs as possible, to reach the broad spectrum of students that goStudent caters for. Banner advertising on these specific pages can be considered to complement the job postings and drive students to your site to find out more about your services.

Accommodation Postings

In much the same way as the goStudent Jobs are structured, we invite letting and estate agencies to post their accommodation on our site, with the ease that most postings cannot afford. Banner advertising linked to your given accommodation will certainly benefit the postings, and generate traffic on your site! Contact us to find out about our affordable rates.