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Exam preparations more often than not begin at 11pm the night before the big day. Precious time cannot we wasted on cracking open your textbook for the first time, so we suggest downloading a few past papers to try cram the model answers into your mind and hope like hell the test is going to have last year's question in it!


To the more studious of you, be so kind as to upload scans of your past papers and exams onto the site for your fellows.  This can be done in one of the defined folders or subfolders relating to your specific course.  For ease of use by others, be descriptive in the naming of your file. For example, include the subject, year, exam/group test number and any additional comments - wtw_114_2007_gt1_paper1.pdf.


Benefits can only be derived from this service if past papers are uploaded first. By doing this, you will also save precious drinking money that would have otherwise been wasted on photocopying.


Also, please be aware of the inconvenience that can be caused by the misuse of this service, and the implications of uploading inappropriate material.